To assist in the ascension of humanity by revealing the truth about ancient healing methods
and celestial knowledge through educational provisions.

The objective of the school of Holistic and Esoteric Studies is to raise the vibration of humanity as a whole.  We are in the golden age of higher consciousness, spiritual awakening and transformation.  People are now looking for knowledge that takes them higher; they are seeking information that connects them back to the source of divinity in which we all originate.  The truth, the esoteric or hidden knowledge has been locked away and purposely hidden from the masses.  In order for humanity to climb the ladder of ascension, this truth, the ancient healing methods and celestial knowledge must be available for those who are ready for it.   This is the mission of our school.  We are here to bring back ancient knowledge and wisdom by shining our torches brightly- for those who are ready to step into the light.


The School of Holistic and Esoteric Studies is an international institution that was originally founded in Toronto, Canada.   It is a registered subsidiary under Vision For Community Development Ltd whom is registered by the government of Jamaica.  Our school specializes in teaching various holistic and esoteric courses ranging from: colour therapy to numerology, quantum physics, crystal healing, aromatherapy and much more.  Our courses are available as diplomas and certificates but are also offered individually.  Currently our courses are only available online as we are an online school.  However, it is our vision to eventually open our first physical location which will be followed by the opening of several other institutions in various locations worldwide.  It is our mission to provide quality, accurate and affordable education to our students as we help them to walk through the realm of higher learning.

2013, Canada  

Founder/ President:  Monique 'Mut Sia' Jackson

Company License Number: 84181


Monique 'Mut Sia' Jackson (Canada)
Kaori Fujimoto (Japan)
Keturah Jackson (Jamaica)
Shemuel Jackson (Jamaica)

Ma'at Jackson  (Jamaica)
Ptah Jackson (Jamaica)

Internal/ In House Teachers

Ashley Wang  BScN

Bachelor of Science-  Nursing 

Registered Nurse
Acupuncturist & Holistic Therapist 
Ashley Wang is a registered nurse, acupuncturist and holistic therapist.  She has spent several years studying natural medicine and is also well educated in herbal medicine primarily from a Chinese traditional perspective.  Ashley is able to help others by mixing her knowledge of alternative medicine with modern medicine. She loves to travel and wants to bring her studies to the world and use her knowledge to help others on a global scale.

Ashley is very talented and is a skilled sketch artist.  Her hobbies include sketching live  images and to go out in nature and capture the scenery.  She loves photography and enjoys writing.

Emilia Reynolds   BA
(United Kingdom)

Bachelor of Arts- Psychology 
Natural Health Practitioner

Emilia has been a freelance writer and natural health practitioner for over a decade.  She is very passionate about teaching and helping others through her gift of healing. Her areas of specialty includes  aromatherapy, crystal therapy and divination. Emilia believes greatly in promoting the ancient way of life and plans to dedicate the rest of her life to inspiring others to see the benefits of  this lifestyle.

In her free time she does a lot of volunteer work and enjoys playing musical instruments.

James Martins 
(United States)

Diploma- Herbal Studies
James is a certified herbalist.  He has spent several years treating patients simply using the herbs of nature and the foods from the Earth. He knows the power of plants and through treating his patients, has witnessed impeccable results. James wants everyone in the world to also understand the power that nature holds and this is why he has decided to start a new chapter in his life dedicated to teaching this information.

Kaori Fujimoto  CNHP

Certified Natural  Health Practitioner- Diploma (C.N.H.P)
Certified Aromatherapy Health Therapist (C.A.H.T)
Certified Reflexologist Health Practitoner (C.R.H.P)
Certified Skin Care Therapist (C.S.C.T)  

Kaori Fujimoto is a certified aromatherapist, reflexologist, skin care therapist and Natural  Health Practitioner. She is a native of Japan and is a graduate of The Institute of Aromatherapy in Toronto, Canada. After completing her studies and years of training within a clinical environment, Kaori earned her membership spot within the Canadian Examining Board of Healthcare Practitioners.

Kaori is passionate about holistic healing and is dedicated to assisting others in obtaining optimal health through hands on healing and educational knowledge.

Monique ‘Mut Sia’ Jackson  HHP
(Canada / Jamaica)

Holistic Health Practitioner- Diploma (H.H.P)
Holistic Esthetics Certificate
Fitness Leadership Certificate
Chef Training Certificate
Extensive work & studies in Esoteric Studies

Monique ‘Mut Sia’ Jackson is an author, artist, certified holistic health practitioner and specialist in esoteric studies.  Her areas of specialty include nutrition, aromatherapy, reflexology, color therapy and esoteric modalities such as astrology, numerology and transformational arts.  She has spent the past several years helping persons via these modalities with the intention of providing knowledge and healing on all levels.  She is a strong believer and promoter of uplifting the vibration of humanity and bringing back the wisdom of ancient teachings into our modern reality.  It is this vision that prompted her to create The School of Holistic & Esoteric Studies (TSHES).  Her love for helping and improving the lives of humanity led her to co-create a charity organization.  In 2012, this organization- Vision for Community Development Ltd, became a legal entity.

Aside from teaching and healing, Monique spends her free time pursuing creative endeavors.  She has a genuine love and passion for the arts and whenever she can, she creates art in the form of sculptures, carvings, paintings, head wraps and jewellery.  She also formulates digital art and artistic designs for clothing and accessories.  Aside from creating art, she has a flair for words and writes poetry, articles and books pertaining to holistic health and spirituality.  Three of her books can be found on Amazon and her poetry book entitled “Freedom of Expression- The Universal Truth” will be published early- mid 2014.
Savita Singh  ND 
(Canada/ India)

Doctor of Naturopathy
Specialty: Ayurvedic Medicine, Reiki, Yoga

Savita Singh is a trained naturopathic doctor who studied in India. She has been practicing for many years and loves her profession. She enjoys healing people and her goal is to do so with love.  Her philosophy is that without love, true healing cannot take place. Savita is very passionate about ayurvedic medicine, reiki, yoga and spiritual practices such as meditation and chakra balancing. She has taught these branches of alternative medicine to many people and will continue to do so for as long as she can.

Savita enjoys uplifting others through her voice. She writes songs and sings in her native tongue with the incorporation of natural sounds and instruments.

External  Teachers

Angela Levesque
Energy Healer, Author, Cert. Exercise Physiologist

Danny Greene
Grand Reiki Master

Erica Pence
Author & Owner of The Bonnie Bath Co. 

Spiritual Healer, Owner of MagickalGoodies

HRU- Yuya Assaan Anu
Master Spirit Worker & Energy Bender

Jessica Brown
Alchemist,  Metaphysical Counselor & Author 

Jennifer Hunt
Holistic Life Coach, Energy Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher

Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet
Founder- Ra Sekhi Arts Temple, Natural Healer & Teacher

Marlene Watson-Tara
Macrobiotic Counselor & Cooking Teacher

Natalie Schubert
Quantum Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Fine Artist

Tina Pineiro
Hypnotist & Reiki Master 

Tina Stith- Twine
Life Coach

Virginia (Ginnie) Jester
Spiritual Counselor, Tarot Card Reader & Teacher

- For External Courses (Most of the Self Help Courses) -

The rules, delivery methods and requirements may differ from our internal/ in house courses. 
For details, please click on the course and/ or contact the instructor for assistance.



- For Internal/ In House Courses (Most of the Professional Courses) -

How are the courses offered?  Can I take these courses in person?

Currently, our courses are only available online.  However it is our vision to eventually open our first physical location which will be followed by the opening of several other institutions in various locations worldwide.

How will I receive my courses?  Can you mail me the material?
Once your payment has been processed, the course material will be sent to you automatically.  Unfortunately at this time, we will not be mailing the course material to our students.  For studying purposes, you may print a copy of the information provided to you.

Is the School of Holistic and Esoteric Studies a licensed organization?

Yes, we are a registered subsidiary under Vision for Community Development Ltd and licensed via the government of Jamaica.

 Are your courses recognized worldwide?
We are an international institution and a member of the British Medical Holistic Association.   It is our mission to provide accurate, high quality and affordable education to all of our students. All of our courses pass through the accreditation of our board of education committee.

Are there final exams and will I receive an authentic certificate?

Yes, there are final exams.  Authentic certificates and diplomas will be awarded to students who have successfully passed their course(s).  A score of 80% is considered to be a passing grade for the final exam and 75% for the entire course.  Certificates can be delivered electronically. An original copy which includes the emboss seal of the institution can be requested and mailed to you.  The cost for the original certificate is $20 USD plus shipping.

Will I be required to complete a practicum?

Some courses may require that you complete a video practicum while others may require the completion of several case studies.  It depends on the course.

How long does it take to complete a course?
The duration of the course depends on you.  You are free to  work at your own pace.  There is no time limit for completing the course.

If I have questions and require help, can I contact the instructor for assistance?


What are the requirements?

There are many young people who are ready to step into the light and gain insight into esoteric studies.  We do not want to stand in their way of enlightenment. Therefore most of our esoteric courses are open to anyone.  However, the professional and holistic certifications require that you are at least 18 yrs of age and older.  These courses may have prerequisite and additional requirements; this information will be made available in the course description(s).

When can I enroll?

Once the course is made available, you may enroll at anytime.  There are no specific registration dates. We are a very new school, therefore there are very few courses available at the moment. However, more courses will be available as time progresses.   

What are the payment options? Do you accept partial payments?

We accept Paypal payments.  You may pay using a major credit card or bank account by signing up via Paypal.



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